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LeRoy Thompson, MBA

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There are plenty of motivational speakers out there but there are precious few MOTIVATING speakers! You definitely want someone engaging who can capture the hearts and minds of your audience, right?  But when you also have a speaker whose energy, empathy, and experience ignites people into action, well then that’s an event to remember. LeRoy Thompson is exactly that MOTIVATING speaker everyone is looking for.

He gets rave reviews across the range of topics that he speaks on and is able to integrate his content and experience to meet the specific needs of your audience. This is a drastic departure from your typical keynoter whose stock presentation may or may not hit home.

LeRoy’s Topics And Expertise

LeRoy Thompson jokes that he is described by those who have engaged him as “the nation’s thought leader in the field of thought leadership”! That’s because of his background as a trusted adviser to CEOs, Executive Directors, Boards, and even plant managers. His diverse expertise includes engagements for clients in the private, public and non-profit sectors. He shows them how to develop thought leadership at all levels of their organizations. Given the comprehensive nature of the results he has produced for these clients, he is asked to speak on a number of key topics:

LeRoy’s Top Three Signature Presentations

1. “Passion For The Mission” The Power Of Inclusiveness

The reason the best decisions, programs, projects and plans often end up poorly implemented is the lack of inclusion at the critical inflection points in your organization. LeRoy outlines practical approaches for creating a productive workplace culture that leverages the skills and commitment of its people.

2. “We’ve Made Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Way Too Hard!” The Neurobiology Of Bias

Without being able to generate meaningful dialogue, DEI efforts don’t add much value. Normalizing the conversation around what we need to do to become a more effective organization depends on understanding that bias does not make you a “bad person”. LeRoy shares the keys to creating and maintaining an open and inviting approach to dealing with bias.

3. “You Get What You Measure” Getting A DEI ROI

The potential downfall of every organizational initiative is not knowing that success looks like. As with any change management effort, measuring the impact of your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts is the key to success. This is the most important form of thought leadership and LeRoy will provide you with insight, techniques, and tools to get a real return on your DEI investment.

Consulting And Training

LeRoy can provide the complete package of services as well. Often after delivering a keynote speech at a conference he is called upon to provide consulting support or to develop and deliver training to cement the skills into the organization. Go to to find out more about what he has to offer.

About LeRoy Thompson, MBA

LeRoy ThompsonLeRoy has served over 150 clients across all sectors and has instructed, facilitated and trained over 45,000 people. What has made these interactions memorable is his engaging style, abundant sense of humor, and high energy. He believes in what he does, he believes in how he does it, and he believes in your ability to make it work for you.

LeRoy’s private sector clients have included Citigroup, Cap Gemini, Marriott Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals, Tribune Company (Baltimore Sun), ABC (WMAR-TV, WPVI-TV), CBS (KFMB-TV), Cox Communications, McCormick, GlaxoSmithKline, BMW, Motorola, Samsung/Sony, Ltd, Gannett Broadcasting (WUSA-TV), and T. Rowe Price.

He has assisted public sector organizations such as the U.S. Departments of Energy, Justice, Interior (including the National Park Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs), Commerce, Health & Humans Services (including the FDA, NIH, SAMSHA, HRSA, and ACF), NASA, NAVSEA, the Smithsonian Institution, the Library Of Congress, Arlington (VA) and Fairfax County (VA) governments, the Governor’s Office of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Florida Office of Drug Control Policy, the Mississippi Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Public Welfare, the Michigan Department of Community Health, the Riverside County (CA) Department Of Social Services, and the Australian Embassy.

He has been consultant to a broad range of non-profits and associations including the Brookings Institution, United Way of America, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Rails-To-Trails Conservancy, American Association of School Administrators, American Press Institute, American Cancer Society, American Bankers Association, National School Boards Association, and Boys And Girls Clubs of America.

Prior to launching his own consulting practice he was an Associate with McKinsey & Company. LeRoy holds a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business. He is an award winning author and television and radio personality.

Rave Reviews

  • Great keynote address. Mr. Thompson delivered again! As always, he was engaging, approachable, and demonstrated mastery of his subject matter.

  • Man, this guy knocked it out of the park. I’ve heard dozens of speeches before but it felt like he was talking with us and not to us. Plus, LeRoy just flat out knows his stuff.

  • Love LeRoy! Best session I have ever attended at a conference on a topic that can 
be very polarizing if poorly facilitated.

  • LeRoy is a great speaker. He really knows how to keep a huge group interested and get them thinking.

  • This is the first time we have used LeRoy Thompson for our plenary session but it will definitely not be the last. Personable, engaging, appropriately humorous, and really knowledgeable.

  • The time just seemed to fly by. I was so mesmerized by the speaker. Mr. Thompson’s session was clearly the best one I attended. Full of practical ideas. They were so relevant I felt like he worked here!

  • Most training that I attend ends up being a waste of time. This program though was a huge exception. Not only did I learn some practical skills I will use on the job but I actually enjoyed learning them. Mr. Thompson is definitely the best trainer I have seen.

  • LeRoy is great; a personal favorite. He reads each group so well and knows how to reach them and give them what they need.

  • LeRoy-your workshops at the Symposium scored 2nd highest out of the 140 that were conducted… Congratulations!!!

  • LeRoy was an incredible facilitator and this session was excellent. He delivered the workshop in a very simple and clear language. He stimulated a lot of class participation and thought provoking discussion.

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