Why I am so passionate
about this topic

If it isn’t abundantly apparent that I am completely stoked about the necessity of developing thought leaders at all levels of your organization, then let me make it perfectly clear! There is one compelling reason for my passion around this topic.

Too many organizations with too many wasted opportunities

LeRoy ThompsonThat reason goes all the way back to my formative years. The one message that echoed in my head was not to “waste anything”. “Don’t waste the food on your plate”, “Don’t waste your opportunity to learn in school”, “Don’t waste the chance to accomplish something special on the athletic field”. “Don’t waste….”. In my consulting engagements with nearly 150 clients, I run into an awful lot of waste. Wasted talent, wasted motivation, wasted opportunities to attract and retain customers, wasted efforts to implement what started out as really good ideas, and wasted time reinventing the wheel every time you face change.

There is an easy way to make sure the message doesn’t lose it in the translation

Developing thought leaders at every level of the organization is the ultimate corporate recycling strategy. If you have a cadre of people who can connect the dots for others strategically situated throughout the enterprise, then much, much, less gets wasted. The right people get engaged at the front end of initiatives, which creates commitment. The rationale for why things get done gets communicated, which boosts productivity. The right skills and capabilities get allocated, which ensures quality. Much, much, less get wasted.

Remember the birthday party game we used to play as kids – Stand in a circle and whisper a secret with one person who passes it to the next until it gets to the last person? And what was the result? Exactly. The message lost a lot “in the translation”. The same thing happens in organizations on a regular basis. Without people with thought leadership positioned at the key inflection points, the message of mission, vision, goals, objectives, plans, programs, and projects all get lost in the translation.

The big plus – you already have the resources at your disposal

And here’s what really gets me going… You already have of all of the resources necessary to avoid those pitfalls. All you need is someone to pull the pieces together for you, someone to equip them with the complementary skills and give them a roadmap to follow. And obviously that’s where I have entered the picture with more and more clients who are ready to seize this untapped potential.

What are you doing to avoid wasting the time, talent, and treasure of your organization? Let’s connect and see how the development of thought leaders at all levels of your organization can work for you.

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