LeRoy Thompson, MBA knows how to build commitment
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Both breadth AND depth of experience and expertise

Meet LeRoy ThompsonLeRoy Thompson, MBA, is one of a rare breed of consultants who possess both extensive breadth and extensive depth of expertise. He has produced results for private sector companies, government agencies, non-profits and associations, not to mention being equally comfortable interacting at all levels of an organization. He is as gifted in building rapport with CEOs, Boards of Directors, and Senators as he is with plant managers and hourly employees. The depth of his expertise comes from over thirty years of success in transferring his insights to clients that empower them to implement transformational change. And that is the true genius of his approach.

His focus is on helping your organization own the answers

There are generally two strategies in management consulting. The first is to develop profound knowledge of your organizational problem and then tell you what the answer is. This fails because of the lack of ownership and buy-in that is required for even marginally successful implementation. The second is to develop a piercing set of questions based on a proven process and then lead you through that process to an answer. This fails because without profound knowledge the questions and process most often lack crucial relevance. Enter the genius. LeRoy’s approach is to combine the development of a clear point of view on what the range of answers should be, and then, armed with a proven process, he maximizes the best thinking of your own people. The best of both worlds for sure: ownership of the answer drawn from fact-based analysis. This is what qualifies him to be a thought leader. I mean, face it, if you aren’t a thought leader in your own right why would you think someone would trust you to develop thought leaders in your organization?

His energy and enthusiasm is contagious

And lots of organizations have trusted LeRoy and many more are anxious to. He has served over 150 clients across sectors and instructed, facilitated and trained over 45,000 people. What has made these interactions memorable is his engaging style, abundant sense of humor, and high energy. Energy and enthusiasm tend to be contagious. He believes in what he does, he believes in how he does it, and he believes in your ability to make it work for you. At the end of the day, every person in your organization he is able to touch will be likewise infected with a motivation for demonstrable results, a passion for producing quality outcomes, and a deeper level of commitment to your vision, mission, and goals.

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